Company: VKB Group

Industry: Farming

Company Description

VKB Group is one of the leading agricultural cooperatives in South Africa, with its headquarters in Phalaborwa, Limpopo. Founded in 1997, VKB Group has grown from a single grain milling plant to a diversified agro-processing and agricultural services group with operations in the grains and oilseeds, fruit, feed and economics sectors. With 8 500 active members, the Group strives to create value for all stakeholders and secure a sustainable future, while upholding its professional principles of honesty and transparency. It is committed to improving rural livelihoods, developing the local economy and managing natural resources sustainably by engaging with governments, individuals and other role players in the agricultural sector. VKB Group is a majority black-owned and controlled business, inspiring and empowering the communities it serves in South Africa.

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