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You had to wait a long time, but finally it is here! The full working FIFA 18 hack for Ultimate Team just released for all consoles and gaming platforms. Use it from your PC, smartphone, tablet or console. Don’t spend any money to get FUT Points, from now on you will be able to get free FIFA 18 points and coins within a few minutes. You can decide how many coins and points you would like to get on your PC, PSN, Xbox Live, iOS or Android account.


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No matter if you had a great team on FUT 16 or FUT 17, on FUT 18 you will start with a low team again. All your items, player and statistics are gone. Everyone starts from the beginning again. Just imagine how awesome it would be if you would get all the superstars right from the beginning without spending any money. You could literally build an unbeatable team from scratch right at the beginning. The FIFA 18 coins hack makes it possible to get you any player you want just within a few minutes. It will give you a huge advantage. Great player also mean you will have a much bigger chance to win the FUT Champions Cup, Weekend League or simply the seasons. Awesome player will make you a much better gamer. Since FIFA 18 Ultimate Team there are new player called “FUT Icons”. They are like the FUT Legends on the Xbox, but now also available on PC, Switch and PS4. This will make the game even more competitive. Everyone wants to have the best player, that’s an essential part of this game. The FIFA 18 hack will help you to become the best.

For example you are playing on the PlayStation 4 and your PSN ID is CR7fanboi, then you are entering the username CR7fanboi and you choose the platform PS4. After that you can pick the amount of free FIFA 18 points and coins you would like to have on your account. Nobody will ever ask for any personal information like password or security question. Forget about all that scam on Facebook, which wants to steal your player and coins. Our FIFA 18 hack is absolutely legit and the most popular tool for cheating on FUT 18. You don’t have to download any file and we won’t transfer any data to your device. There is no way for us to get into your account with this FIFA 18 hack.


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Can I really buy any player I want?


Yes, absolutely! It is very simple. Just add the amount of free FIFA 18 coins and points on your account, go to the transfer market and buy any player you would like to have. The coins and points will appear on your account after you used the FIFA 18 coin generator above.

Will my account get banned?


Basically NO, but you shouldn’t transfer a totally unrealistic amount of items onto your account. Just keep it real and you won’t face any problem. For EA it would be very suspicious if someone got 150 million coins on their account. Since we didn’t set any limit you are free to use the FIFA 18 hack as you want, but you should definitely keep in mind not to generate unrealistic amount of free FIFA 18 coins.


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How does it work?


We won’t explain you in detail, because we know there are also developer, hacker and many other people (who might damage us) visiting this website daily. What we can say is: We are taking advantage of a loophole, which is based in the source code of FUT 18. This makes it possible to auto-add values or simply change values inside the source code. Sounds complicated, but it is not that hard. Since many years there are cheater and hacker who are wondering on how to hack FIFA Ultimate Team. Tools, cheat engines, generator and other hacks have been available since FIFA 11. Time for the new FIFA 18 hack. We simply made it even better. Much more user friendly, the user interface is much better as well. The connection is stable. You will receive your free FIFA 18 coins and points even faster on your PlayStation Network, Xbox Live or PC account by using the FIFA 18 hack.

How long does it take to receive the items?


Usually it should only take around 3-5 minutes, but depending on your internet connection, EA’s server and how many user there are at the moment using the FIFA 18 hack, it can vary a lot. Sometimes we got thousands of user on at the same time and then it might take up to 30 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we make sure our FIFA 18 coins hack is 100% free for people all around the world.

What platforms does it support?


You can use the FIFA 18 coin generator no survey from your PC (Windows, MacOS), Sony PlayStation (PS3 and PS4), Nintendo Switch, Smartphone (iOS & Android), Tablet and Microsoft Xbox (Xbox One and Xbox 360). We always want to improve our FIFA 18 Hack and look forward to add new features to our FIFA 18 coin generator.


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My friends said it’s not working…should I try it?


Well, we got so many people every single day who are using our FIFA 18 free coins hack. Some of them even upload pictures, screenshots or videos on Facebook, Twitch or YouTube. You can decide if you want to get free FIFA 18 coins and points or if you want to keep on spending money for it. Just think: Is it worth it spending money for FUT Points? I mean, all you got out from packs are average player, contracts, fitness and items like this. But how often did you get a Ronaldo, Messi, Neuer, Neymar or other player like this out of a pack? Don’t spend money for Ultimate Team. You can get them for free. If you are afraid we can recommend you to make a second account and use the FUT 18 coin generator on this account, just to check if it really works. Try the FIFA 18 hack and you won’t be disappointed.


How long will it work?


We never know when EA will fix bugs, but as you know EA is more interested in making money, than in fixing existing bugs. How else is it possible they still have so bad server? We recommend you to use the FIFA 18 coins hack as soon as possible to get free FIFA 18 coins and points. Don’t wait too long!